Desi Wolff is a New York based singer and songwriter. Her sound bridges the genres of hip hop, electronic and indie. Her debut single "Om" and second single "Neon Soul" were released in 2019.

Desi was raised in Indiana, and has since lived all over the US developing her songwriting and unique voice. Her musical inspirations are the likes of Sylvan Esso and Maggie Rogers. Desi combines the influences of such artists to create a whole new sound.

Desi's story:

"When I was six, my grandparents took me to a Barbara Mandrell concert at the Carolina Opry. That night I was so enchanted by how her music touched people. I don’t remember much of the music but I remember exactly how I felt. It all seemed like magic. I remember thinking that’s what I’m going to do when I grow up—I’m going to be a superhero and my super power will be making music for people. When I was seven, I received my first karaoke machine and some recording tapes I sent them to the likes of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, NSYNC (still waiting to hear back, guys), and was constantly handing them out to my classmates, friends, family, and teachers. I think it’s safe to say that at 29 my music has come a long way since the day of my eccentric, homemade tape recordings, but the passion is all the same.


As a “Spiritual Gangster,” my mission with the music I make and anything I write is to raise my audiences’ vibration. A goal to convey empathy, love, happiness, understanding, passion. I want to create “feel good” tunes that anyone could play on a summer day, but I want to weave in songs about subjects that aren’t necessarily “cool” or “trendy”, and I want to ​make ​them appealing. I make songs about spirituality (spirituality as something bigger than all of us and a divine order, not religion), love, vision, resilience, unity, and hope. My music style is transcendental yet relatable—socially-woke lyrics meets hip hop, electronic, and indie sounds, some may even describe my music as “self-actualization with a baller beat.” Similar artists would be Sylvan Esso, Maggie Rogers, Ingrid Michaelson, Banks, and AlunaGeorge."


"Stay Wild. Stay Amazed. Stay Creative. Stay Awake."